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EDM Electric Cabinet CNC EDM Control Box

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0.005mm(Unit)*1, *5, *10
Payment Terms:
Control System:
PC Base
Price Valid Time:
From Apr 10, 2012 To Aug 01, 2013
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  • Inching: 0.005mm(Unit)*1, *5, *10
  • Payment Terms: T/T
  • Control System: PC Base
  • Price Valid Time: From Apr 10, 2012 To Aug 01, 2013
  • Production Capacity: 10000
  • Export Markets: Global
  • Max. Setting Unit: 9999.995mm(9999.9999mm)
  • Control Methed and Axes: Closeloop(Z-Axis)
  • Min. order: 1 Pieces
  • Coordinate System: Inc, ABS
  • Min. Setting Unit: 0.005mm(0.001mm)
  • Trade Terms: FOB


Function introduction to CNC EDM
1. Auto storage function enjoys a capacity of 100*40000 numbers.
2. 10 fine processing functions. Moulds can be finished completely from rough to semi-finished to finished products.
3. Five orbit processing patterns. One mould can be set by 5 different orbit processing patterns.
4. More than 1000 units of document storage capacity are provided. I. E. More than 1000 different moulds or custormers can be numbered.
5. Auto correction of electrode consumption. During multi-hole processing, electrode consumption shall be preset, and then the computer can automatically correct the depth of each hole to make sure each hole has the same depth.
6. Auto finding of moulds and central point, to enable a quicker compensation.
7. When the condition for discharging is unstable, the computer will correct the discharging efficiency and working period automatically. After stabling all conditions, the discharging will continue automatically. Processing condition can be adjusted at all time.
8. Auto return to zero for base point: Should there be any blackout during auto-processing, the computer can find the base point automatically.
9. With mirror surface processing circuit, a true mirror effect can be achieved. Also, it is even better to use orbit processing and powder mixing processing.
10.2 speedy deslagging. Speed up servicing to improve the processing efficiency without distorting electrode.
11. Orbit and side processing: / / / / /
12. English/Chinese Dialogue Operation, all processing data can be input easily via keyboard.
13. Operate "DRY RUNNING" before the actual processing to test the programming.
14. X. Y. Z axis apply ball bearing and non-back-lash bearing. With electromagnetic clutch, the machine can ensure the precision of processing. Also optic measurement can send feedback to the monitoring system.
15. Auto consumption to X. Y. Z axis. Precision can be assured while assembling machine tool.
16. Function of avoiding second discharging and carbon desposition rapid rising or discharging boundary searching rapid rising.
17. Power control (equal energy) function for homogenizing the machining effect. And this function could be switched off to accelerating graphite electrode machining.
18. It could set that after 2~10 times discharging (jumping up control), the electrode will be raised (safe height Z) to the set arbitrary position and the continue machining. This could achieve good slagging off performance for deep hole machining.

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